Irondequoit Community Cupboard, Inc.

The Irondequoit Community Cupboard, Inc. is a not-for-profit organization designed to meet a variety of needs for families and individuals in the Town of Irondequoit, NY.

Mission Statement

“To provide emergency assistance to Irondequoit residents with dignity, kindness and without prejudice.”


"To raise awareness of the presence and impact of hunger and poverty in our community. We envision a community where all people share resources to ensure that residents’ basic needs are met in times of limited resources.

We advocate for and reach out to those in need and try to influence public policy so that every person in our community has the necessary support and resources to enhance nutrition, health and welfare.”

If you are in need of assistance, please call (585) 336-9107.
(no appointments are made online)

Distribution Hours (BY APPOINTMENT ONLY)
Tuesday & Saturday from 9:30AM - 11:00AM.

Office Hours (BY PHONE ONLY)
Monday & Wednesday 9:00AM - 4:00PM
Fridays 9:00AM-12:00PM

"Letter from the President"
(January 2016)

Dear Friends and Neighbors,
Happy New Year! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday! From the responses I have received from our clients, they too, had a wonderful holiday because of all of you. Comments that I received included “My children couldn’t have asked for a better Christmas,” “We never imagined our Special Santa would be so kind and generous,” “We might not have had a Christmas if it were not for you.” We also heard “You and your volunteers have meant the world to me during my time of need” and “You cannot imagine how much your generosity has meant to me and my family.” So thank you so much for allowing me to be the conduit to which you have provided so many people with happiness.

Along with gifts, everyone, and I mean everyone, who came to ICC during the season received food for a holiday meal. In addition to this, many families received pancake mix, syrup, hot chocolate, pasta, sauce, peanut butter, cereal, and a few other odds and ends to help their households over the winter break.

We had many households that came to us just a couple of days before we closed for the break and they too, received a holiday dinner, emergency food and gifts for their children when needed. Roughly 80 people received stockings that included hygiene items, lip balm, candy, pens, magazines, puzzle books, socks, hats, gloves or mittens and gift cards. Those who received stockings were elderly, adults with disabilities, adults who lived alone and families who came in after our holiday distribution. Many families were able to “shop” in our basement for their young children because of all of the toys and gifts that we accumulate over the season. All in all, 263 adults, 296 children, and 61 senior citizens had a much more enjoyable Christmas because of your generosity.

Many of you know that Rochester is number one on the extreme poverty list of similar cities and we are seeing a growing number of families living in poverty as well1. Currently, over 5,000 individuals live in poverty in our town2.

While I am grateful that we have been able to provide assistance for those who contact us, we still have a lot of work to do. I am hoping that either 2016 brings more prosperity to Irondequoit residents or if that is not possible, then we need to figure out how we can reach more people. After 20 years of doing this, I am still surprised when I hear a resident say that they “didn’t know Irondequoit had a food pantry.”

Before I thank everyone, I want to remind my regular volunteers and those who have filled out an application to become a volunteer that I still have a few slots for January through March that need to be filled. (Particularly Saturdays) We will re-open for distribution on Tuesday January 5th, and for our backpack volunteers we will resume backpacks Thursday January 7th.

As part of our annual tradition, I would like to thank everyone that has contributed to ICC over the past several months. I know that we cannot thank everyone personally so I hope each and every one of you know how grateful myself and the ICC Board of Directors are for your generosity. Not everyone brings or mails their donations to us; many are anonymous, and we are grateful to each and every one of you who have delivered donations to any one of our area drop off points, thank you so much!

Thank you so much to the Irondequoit Rotary, who for many years (I want to say 10) donate 100 of our holiday meal baskets. This is a huge undertaking and we are very grateful to you for your continued support.
I would also like to say thank you to each and every school and church in our town because ALL of you have made donations or contributions to our holiday programs in some way.

We receive donations from many area businesses and we hope that you

will consider supporting these businesses that support our community. It is quite special to know that the residents of our community mean something to them as well. These businesses are:

Tasteful Connections
Northridge Medical
The Hampton Inn
Lakebreeze Wellness
Lakeside Deli
M’s Restaurant and Bar
First Niagara Bank
Canandaigua National Bank
Hair Extraordinaire
Precision Technology/Spex
Simple Stitches
R Stephen Ross Associates
Irondequoit Lawn and Landscape
Reliant Federal Credit Union
Fairport Federal Credit Union
The Legacy at Cranberry Landing
Doodle Bugs of Greece
Rachet Mngt of Pittsford
Litron Labs of Winton Place
Q Dental of Irondequoit
The Childcare Council
M&T Bankrand Networks
Geva Theatre
Rochester General Ambulatory Ultrasound Group

In addition to area businesses, we would like to thank the following individuals, families, clubs, social or service groups and Churches that have supported ICC through this holiday season. They are as follows:

GeoRoc Caching Group
Ruth and Bill Shepard
Young at Heart
“Bruce Sent Me”
Hobey Creek
Irondequoit Public Library
Jackie Mastrella
The Deil/Schulz Family
Lilac Fashion Doll Club
The Patton Family
Derma Renew Spa
Audrey Coates
Martha Hough
Arelis Aponte
Michelle Crary
Irondequoit Concert Band
Girl Scout Troop 60913
Seth and Kate Trapani
Don and Nancy Story
The Ladies Auxiliary Club of Ridge Culver Fire Dept
Ivan Green PTA
Transfiguration Lutheran Church
St Kateri
Durand United Church of Christ
Amy Garnish and her family
Colebrook PTSA
Becky and Bob Schultz holiday party
RP Ellinworth
Susan Realy
Robert Eckelberger
Mrs Muscate
Ms Wisniewski
Irondequoit High School Hockey Team
Eastridge Teachers Association
Irondequoit United Church of Christ
Toby Berke
Living Water Church
The Rochester School for the Deaf Mrs Adonte’s Class
Alex Kroll
Hilda Millham
Susan Reedy
East Irondequoit Transportation Dept
Irondequoit High School English Dept
East Irondequoit Central District Office
Eastridge Counseling Dept
Womens Sharing Faith and Scripture Grout of St Kateri
Eastridge National Honor Society
Temple Emanuel
Mr and Mrs Beaver
Alison Vogel
Irondequoit Town Hall
Karen Bentley
Irondequoit United Church of Christ
Summerville Presbyterian
The Lions Club
Tina Pardee
Irondequoit Lacrosse
RP Illingworth
Andrew Chen
Colleen Enrut
Durand Eastman Globetrotter Group
Diane Zielinski
Nancy Smith
Rebecca Wertman
Ken and Mary Nichols
Ann Marie Carter
Hilda Milkham
East Irondequoit High School Teachers Association
Susan Reedy
Christine Stio
West Irondequoit DECA
Mr Epping
Mike Berke
Delta Kappa Gamma
Ladies Night with Amy Garnish
Amy Gilette’s Family
Lucy Donalies
Bill Harasynchuk
Amy Lombardo
Jan and Jack Kaufmann
Kathleen Lightholder
Susan Allen
East Irondequoit Robotics
Bev Bliss
Mike Berke
Nancy Smith
Charlene Nowak
Mr and Mrs Warren
Jackie Mastrella
The Izzo Family
Sue Bottazzo
Elise Daly
James Hawkes
Girl Scout Troup 63444
Allison Vogel
Iroquois PTSA
Jim Fortin
Irondequoit National Honor Society
Sandy Cordingley
Suzanne Turchetti
Mary Grow
Margaret Hennington
Jeanne Mead
Michelle Crary
Michelle Simmons
Irondequoit United Church of Christ Ruth Circle
Rebecca Kolupski
Sarah McKeon
Susan Carmen Duffy
Leanna Palumbo
Majority Leader Morelle’s Office
Mr and Mrs Torpey
Marie Black
West Irondequoit Dake School
The Cleary Family
The Christensen Family
Liz Hopkins
The Evans Family
Briarwood School
Southlawn School
Ivan Green School
Durand Eastman School
Amanda Capelli
The Kralles Family
Mr and Mrs Green
Kim Baptiste
Pat Cronin
Denise DiGiorgio
Sophie Bushey
Rebecca Ludington
Vandy Humphrey
Julie Modonia
Helendale Road School
Becky Condello
Iroquois Middle School
Ivan Green PTA
Jackie Gavette
Dake School
Charlene O’Keefe
Sue Pomponio
Melissa Phillips and Ivan Green School
Corinne McCarthy
Keith Freedman and Family
Donna Magliocca and Ivan Green
The Croll Family
Colleen Enright
Susan Harrington
Christine Rovet
Fiorella Shute
Barb James
The Breakfast Club
The Weather or Not Garden Club
Barbara Eckelberger
Sue Kamb
Cathy Fay
Sharon Gass
The O’Brien Family
Rebecca Ortiz
The Lawson Family
Peter Romel
Melissa Vella
Bethany St Pierre
The Davis Family
Lara Rhyner
Troy Schlesing
Arelis Aponte
Listwood School
Mr and Mrs Villeneuve
Dick Galvin
Mary Jo Daughton
Jill Graziano
Carol And Peggy Herring
Nancy Biehler
Rogers Middle School Hat Day Fundraiser
Mr and Mrs Ertel

Again, we are so grateful for each and every one of you. I am sure that I have missed someone and for that, I apologize. There are so many ways in which people made donations. We received food for both the holiday and for regular assistance. We received hygiene products and samples. We received toys, hats, gloves, mittens, blankets, Christmas Trees and Christmas ornaments. We received stocking stuffers, gift cards, and money. Thank you, thank you, thank you. THIS is what Neighbors Helping Neighbors is all about.

Putting this all together is no easy task either so I would like to thank all of our volunteers who give their time to “Help us Help others” within our town. It is truly amazing to see what gifts for roughly 200 families looks like. Meals for over 200 families looks like. Stockings for roughly 65-70 people looks like.

It is extremely gratifying to be a part of this amazing outreach program each and every year. For the past 20 years, I have seen our organization grow from my tiny house to a shed at the Vineyard and to our home on Culver Road. Thank you again for believing in me and the vision of the Irondequoit Community Cupboard; it has been an amazing journey so far. But please, as always, remember hunger isn’t only at Christmas. Hunger is year round. Every day someone in our town goes hungry or worries about how they are going to feed themselves or their family. It breaks my heart to think of the people we aren’t reaching. If you know of someone in Irondequoit who is in need of our assistance, please tell them about us. And if you know of a person, business or an organization that can help us with our mission, please tell them about us. Together we can really make a difference.

On behalf of our Board of Directors, I would like to wish you all a very happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year.


Debbie Evans, President
Sue Reynolds, Vice-President
John Kane, Treasurer
MaryJo Toepfer, Secretary
Cherie Evans, Board Member
Rev. Sarah Culp, Board Member
Anne Johnson, Board Member
John Cortinas, Board Member
Lisa Loeser, Board Member

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Electronic donations may be made via

Thank you for your generosity.

United Way (Designee Number 2466)

4275 Culver Road
Rochester, NY 14622
(585) 336-9107


Canned fruit
Canned chicken and tuna
Canned meals (hash, stew, chili) Chicken noodle and tomato soup Tomato products (crushed tomato, puree, etc)
Side dishes
Cereal (hot and cold)
Peanut butter
Jelly (grape and strawberry)

I know this is not a food item but we are always being asked for cat and dog food. If you know of a source that would be able to donate pet food, please let me know. Many of our seniors and adults with disabilities love their pets and cannot imagine their home without.

Every Friday we include items for 2 breakfasts, 2 lunches, 3 snacks, 1 juice box, and 1 milk

Canned pasta meals
Canned tuna
Jif to go peanut butter
Instant oatmeal
Nutrigrain bars
100% juice boxes
Shelf stable milk
Healthy snacks
Chicken noodle soup
Carnation breakfast drink

*keep in mind we go thru 137 of these every week.
*we could also use toilet paper, all purpose cleaner, dish soap, and laundry detergent

*gift cards to Wegmans, Topps and Herremas are also greatly appreciated!
We also need:
Salt (for driveway/sidewalk)
printer paper
cleaning supplies for ICC, (Windex, paper towels, hand soap and rock salt)

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