Irondequoit Community Cupboard, Inc.

The Irondequoit Community Cupboard, Inc. is a not-for-profit organization designed to meet a variety of needs for families and individuals in the Town of Irondequoit, NY.

Mission Statement

"To serve residents who live within the Town of Irondequoit who are in need of assistance without bias or prejudice."


"To raise awareness of the presence and impact of hunger and poverty in our community. We envision a community where all people share resources to ensure that residents’ basic needs are met in times of limited resources.

We advocate for and reach out to those in need and try to influence public policy so that every person in our community has the necessary support and resources to enhance nutrition, health and welfare.”

If you are in need of assistance, please call (585) 336-9107.
(no appointments are made online)

"Letter from the President"
(Summer 2014)

Dear Friends,
I hope that you are enjoying the wonderful weather we are finally having. I know this is a very busy time of year for everyone; sports for kids, graduations, weddings, picnics and vacations so I truly appreciate all that you are doing to “Help us Help others” who live in Irondequoit. We ended another year of our weekend backpack program with high praises from everyone who returned our surveys. It was enlightening to see how many of the children share their items with a sibling, how many of the kids cannot wait to get home to see what goodies we have packed for them, and even to read about those who might not receive 3 meals a day on weekends if it weren’t for our program. Thank you to all of you who make this program a reality. Besides all of you who donate items directly used for backpacks, we have a great crew of people who drop off and pick up our backpacks every week during the school year. I was on vacation for the last week and I didn’t get to thank these volunteers personally so thank you SOOOO much to Sarah and her two children Simeon and Tabitha, Warren, Carolyn, Dick, Shirley, Nancy, Karen and Doris. We also had subs Deb and Jay, thank you thank you thank you.

Summer is here and for many it is a fun time filled with sunshine and laughter but for others it is a time of food insecurity. Food insecurity means not knowing where the next meal is coming from. In the "United States, more than one out of five children lives in a household with food insecurity. According to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), in 2012, 15.9 million children under 18 in the United States live in this condition."

Recently, a new study showed that "1 in 3 households in Rochester is living in poverty" and we at ICC see this every day. Although we are not considered the city of Rochester, we are the inner ring suburb that borders it.

Summer for some of our residents bring new issues for our families to deal with. Many families who were receiving free breakfast or lunch or even reduced breakfast and lunch, now will need to provide all of these meals for their household. Did you know that food stamps do not go up in the summer months?

We are fortunate that in Irondequoit, for the second summer, East Irondequoit schools will be providing a summer meal program to ANY CHILD under the age of 18.

You do NOT need to belong to the EISD!

The program begins Monday July 7th and goes through August 15th. Breakfast is 8am to 1030am and lunch is 11am to 1pm. (the middle school will have breakfast from 715 to 1030am)

The schools participating are Helendale, Durand, East Irondequoit Middle and Ivan Green.

No income requirement and no registration is required.

Again, ANY child under the age of 18 can go.

Please share this information with friends and family. Many people are struggling to provide all of their family meals; it could be your best friend, your neighbor or a family member so again, please share this information.

If you are thinking of planting a garden for this summer, please consider planting a row for ICC or even an extra plant; it is a real treat for our clients to be able to choose fresh produce for their households. As you know, I am a hunger advocate and I recently recorded how much money I spent, on just my husband and myself, purchasing produce last month. I didn’t purchase anything extravagant, I went to the public market a couple of times (but honestly didn’t save a ton of money there for 2 people) On average, I spent about $45 a week on produce for just the two of us. I eat roasted or steamed vegetables as my main meal roughly 3 nights a week but I was still astonished at how much of my grocery bill was spent on produce. 3 peaches $3.29, 4 apples 2.94, bagged spring lettuce 2.50, 2 red onions 3.29, 3 yams, 2.99, bag of brussel sprouts 4.99, bag of broccoli, 4.99, 2 green peppers 1.98, 1 head of cauliflower 3.99, bag of red seedless grapes 5.39, 4 bananas 1.98, strawberries 2.99 for a total $41.32 again, for just myself and my husband. So please, offer to help out at the Irondequoit Vineyard Community Garden, plant a row of fresh vegetables for us or even consider bringing in some of your surplus, it would be greatly appreciated. J

If you are heading to the Irondequoit Public Market, stop by and say help to Penny and MaryKay who volunteer their Thursday evenings to raise awareness of hunger within our community.

Volunteer Opportunities
If you have been considering volunteering, we will begin booking for September through December shortly. Since our numbers have grown, we now need more volunteers on hand each time we are open for distribution. Our need is greatest on Saturday mornings but we do need people for Tuesday mornings as well. The hours are 915am to 11am and you should be able to lift or carry roughly 20 pounds.

If you would like to volunteer with younger children (those under 16) the Vineyard is looking for volunteers for our community garden. If you are interested in this, please let me know and I will put you in touch with the Pastor there.

If you are interested in coordinating a drive for us, please contact me and I can help give you ideas and suggestions.
Before getting rid of winter coats in your garage sale, please consider donating them to ICC for a tax write off instead. We are always in need of gently used coats of ALL sizes.

Information and Contact Us
For events and photos of ICC happenings, Check out our facebook page, (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Irondequoit-Community-Cupboard-Inc/180196068672489)

our website (www.irondequoitcommunitycupboard.org ) or

contact me at info@irondequoitcommunitycupboard.org if you have any questions about ICC. If you would like someone to speak at an event, please ask, we love to speak with groups and organizations about ICC, poverty, food insecurity, etc.

Highlight(s) of the Month
I had a few highlights this month:
1) I was honored to be interviewed by students at Durand Eastman School regarding poverty.
2) 2 delightful young girls representing St Kateri school brought in a large donation and their enthusiasm was infectious
3) tallying up our poundage for the month of May; 8,380 pounds of food! (over 4 tons)
4) seeing the Durand Eastman school kids do their annual trek to Seabreeze on the last day of school and stopping by bringing us donations. Literally EVERY child brings something for us at ICC and it is an amazing sight to see.
5) Meeting several of the girls of the Irondequoit Service Club who brought in almost 700 pounds of food; what a great group of kids.

Last but not least, keep an eye out for our annual newsletter, this should be in the mail by mid July. It is a little late this year due to my surgery.

Enjoy these beautiful days that we are having and have a wonderful and safe 4th of July.


Debbie Evans, President
Sue Reynolds, Vice-President
John Kane, Treasurer
Diane McHale Mix, Secretary
Cherie Evans, Board Member
Rev. Sarah Culp, Board Member
MaryJo Toepfer, Board Member
Anne Johnson, Board Member
John Cortinas, Board Member

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Electronic donations may be made via

Thank you for your generosity.

United Way (Designee Number 2466)

4275 Culver Road
Rochester, NY 14622
(585) 336-9107

Canned fruit (preferably no sugar or syrup)
Canned tuna
Canned meals (easy open for kids who are home alone)
Pasta sauce
Canned beans (Baked beans, pork and beans, black beans and red beans) These are a great source of protein
Rice (especially flavored rice side dishes and white rice)
Macaroni and cheese
Oatmeal (the kind in a jar, not instant)
Jelly (grape and strawberry, small sizes)
Healthy snacks, juice boxes and crackers
Shampoo (we are in high demand of this right now)

*yes, I know this is 13 items*

Other items we could also use are macaroni and cheese, pasta and sauce.
Every Friday we include items for 2 breakfasts, 2 lunches, 3 snacks, 1 juice box, and 1 milk

small cans of fruit and raisins
canned pasta meals
tomato soup
chicken noodle soup
Jif to go peanut butter
healthy snacks
instant oatmeal
100% juice boxes
microwave meals
instant breakfast drinks

*keep in mind we go thru 106 of these every week.
*we could also use toilet paper, all purpose cleaner, dish soap, and laundry detergent

*gift cards to Wegmans, Topps and Herremas are also greatly appreciated!
We also need:
Salt (for driveway/sidewalk)
printer paper
cleaning supplies for ICC, (Windex, paper towels, hand soap and rock salt)

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