Irondequoit Community Cupboard, Inc.

The Irondequoit Community Cupboard, Inc. is a not-for-profit organization designed to meet a variety of needs for families and individuals in the Town of Irondequoit, NY.

Mission Statement

“To provide emergency assistance to Irondequoit residents with dignity, kindness and without prejudice.”


"To raise awareness of the presence and impact of hunger and poverty in our community. We envision a community where all people share resources to ensure that residents’ basic needs are met in times of limited resources.

We advocate for and reach out to those in need and try to influence public policy so that every person in our community has the necessary support and resources to enhance nutrition, health and welfare.”

If you are in need of assistance, please call (585) 336-9107.
(no appointments are made online)

Distribution Hours (BY APPOINTMENT ONLY)
Tuesday & Saturday from 9:30AM - 11:00AM.

Office Hours (BY PHONE ONLY)
Monday & Wednesday 9:00AM - 4:00PM
Fridays 9:00AM-12:00PM

"Letter from the President"
(March 2016)

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

It is so nice to believe that spring is just around the corner. I love going to work now that it is finally getting a little lighter out in the mornings. During the holidays, we are so fortunate that many people like to make donations to ICC. Monetary donations, food, gifts, hygiene products, and gifts of time come in steadily during the time right before our Christmas distribution. We have never had to turn anyone away because we didn’t have enough resources to help someone have a better holiday.

However, during the months of January, February and March donations begin to dwindle and this is often when we need YOU the most. Winter months bring higher utility bills as young and old struggle to heat their homes. January brings the tax bills to people who are already struggling living paycheck to paycheck, month to month. We have become extremely important to many residents during their times of need. We provide 5-7 days worth of food which is often what helps sustain them until their next paycheck, their social security check or SNAP benefits become available.

We are so grateful to all of you for your support and we hope that we can continue to count on your generosity to “Help us Help others” in our community.

We often get asked, “What do you need most”? As a nonprofit emergency pantry we always need money, food, toiletries and volunteers. All of these are necessities. Here are the ways you can help us; The 2016 United Way campaign has begun and if you would like to make a donation to ICC our Donor Designee Number is 2466. You can also donate to us through the Paypal link which is listed on our website. You can come in personally during our hours of operation, or mailing a donation to our mailing address;

ICC c/o Debbie Evans
PO Box 17834

Rochester, NY 14617.

You can donate food and hygiene items during our hours of operation at 4275 Culver Road or at any of our 3 drop off locations in town. These drop off locations are Pinegrove Senior Center, Ridge Culver Fire Dept, or the Irondequoit Public Library. Our website has a Top 10 list of items that we are of particular need. IF you are someone who is dropping off items to be donated PLEASE do not leave them unattended at our location and please do not leave canned goods in your car overnight while the temperature gets to freezing. This compromises the integrity of the sealed can. When the cans freeze, they expand and perhaps at this time they are letting air in. As the can thaws and shrinks it can become dangerous to the consumer perhaps causing botulism.

Volunteers are extremely important to our organization. If you are at least 16 years old and would like to volunteer at ICC, please stop in to pick up an application or go to our website where you can download an application and mail it to our mailing address. Volunteers work on Tuesdays or Saturdays from 930-1100am just once a month. If you would like to be on our substitute list for our weekend backpack program, you too, would need to fill out an application and send it in. We fill these bags every Thursday morning from 9am-10am throughout the school year. We pack and deliver food bags to 7 elementary schools in Irondequoit. Another opportunity to volunteer is to help our garden located at the Vineyard Church on Portland Avenue. This is a great way to help us while still being outdoors during our limited spring and summer months. Not only would you work at the garden, but the Pastor, Jeff Printy always needs people to harvest the produce and bring it to us on Tuesday and Saturday mornings at 9am.

If you would like someone to speak at one of your functions or your organization, or would even like a tour of ICC, please contact me; we are so proud to share all that we have accomplished.

Again, I would like to thank all of you who “Help us Help others” who live in our town. You have no idea how much your small token of generosity can mean to a friend in need of assistance.

Thank you to the following (in no certain order)
•Irondequoit American Legion Post 134
•East Irondequoit Middle School staff, teachers and administrators
•Darla Bignee
•Martha Hough
•Barb and Mike James
•All of the donors who drop items off at the Irondequoit Public Library, Pinegrove Senior Center and Ridge Culver Fire Dept
•Don and Nancy Story
•Rogers School
•Mike and Toby Berke
•Briarwood School
•St Kateri
•Brookview School
•Paula Beaver
•Irondequoit United Church of Christ
•Jessica Gallmon (and her daughter Isabella)
•Sherry Muscate
•Durand United Church of Christ
•Northridge Medical
•Laskeside Deli
•Leana Palumbo
•Maria Roides
•Carol Ratingon
•Shannons Family Daycare
•Helendale Road School
•East Irondequoit Central School District Offices
•Iroquois PTSA
•Maeve Steckley
•Irondequoit Animal Hospital
•Point Pleasant Fire Dept and Auxiliary
•Seneca School
•Irondequoit Church of Christ
•Summerville Presbyterian
•Irondequoit Town Hall staff
•Stephanie Miller
•Irondequoit Seniors
•Dea Minnick
•Tina Monachino
•Transfiguration Lutheran Church
•Darla Busner
•Suzanne Macaulay and Daisy Troop #63444
•Sue O Brien
•Ruth Krech
•Irondequoit Animal Hospital
•Carl Wetzstera
•Mary Keller
•Maria Roides
•Mr and Mrs Grenda
•Brookview School
•Irondequoit Lions Club

Thank you so much to all of you, we are grateful for each and every donation; big or small.


Debbie Evans; President

Sue Reynolds, Vice-President
John Kane, Treasurer
MaryJo Toepfer, Secretary
Cherie Evans, Board Member
Rev. Sarah Culp, Board Member
Anne Johnson, Board Member
John Cortinas, Board Member
Lisa Loeser, Board Member

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Electronic donations may be made via

Thank you for your generosity.

United Way (Designee Number 2466)

4275 Culver Road
Rochester, NY 14622
(585) 336-9107


Canned fruit
Canned chicken and tuna
Canned meals (hash, stew, chili) Chicken noodle and tomato soup Tomato products (crushed tomato, puree, etc)
Side dishes
Cereal (hot and cold)
Peanut butter
Jelly (grape and strawberry)

I know this is not a food item but we are always being asked for cat and dog food. If you know of a source that would be able to donate pet food, please let me know. Many of our seniors and adults with disabilities love their pets and cannot imagine their home without.

Every Friday we include items for 2 breakfasts, 2 lunches, 3 snacks, 1 juice box, and 1 milk

Canned pasta meals
Canned tuna
Jif to go peanut butter
Instant oatmeal
Nutrigrain bars
100% juice boxes
Shelf stable milk
Healthy snacks
Chicken noodle soup
Carnation breakfast drink

*keep in mind we go thru 137 of these every week.
*we could also use toilet paper, all purpose cleaner, dish soap, and laundry detergent

*gift cards to Wegmans, Topps and Herremas are also greatly appreciated!
We also need:
Salt (for driveway/sidewalk)
printer paper
cleaning supplies for ICC, (Windex, paper towels, hand soap and rock salt)

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